Use Our Loos

Solving a Major Inconvenience: Use Our Loos

We all need toilets.  When you need to go, you need to go.  At home or in an office this isn’t a problem.  However, out and about, are you sure there’s somewhere to go when the need arises?

Across the UK, more than one in every three public toilets have been closed over the last two decades.  Some councils are already without a single free-to-use public convenience.

Use Our Loos

Use Our Loos is the first national community toilet scheme, created by the British Toilet Association, Domestos and the Great British Public Toilet Map, with the ambition to unlock the loos that are hidden in high street cafes, restaurants, coffee shops and bars and open them up to the community.

As more public loos are closed, we’re asking that more loos are made public.

We’re inviting businesses to sign up and welcome everyone, customers and non-customers, to use their loos. In return, we’re providing them with free Domestos product, directing people to their venues and driving local fame so they will benefit from increased customers and a stronger connection to their community. 

We’re inviting the public to use our map to discover loos near them and to help us improve the service by adding new locations or flagging loos that have closed. 

The war on poor sanitation

Domestos is proud to support the Great British Public Toilet Map.  Use Our Loos marks the latest step in Domestos’ mission is to win the war on poor sanitation. Worldwide, an estimated 2.5 billion people lack access to proper sanitation while around 1 billion don’t have sanitation facilities at all. Partnering with UNICEF, Domestos will help 25 million people around the world enjoy improved access to clean, safe, accessible toilets by 2020. People in the UK can further support the mission by buying the Domestos bottle marked with the UNICEF logo.